What is Youmaker ?


Youmaker is a user-friendly video platform. It gives creators ease to show off their work, whether it is something small or a great masterpiece. The richness of the platform matches the needs of various audiences who seek informative, impactful or entertaining videos.


Cutting off the censorship to reveal a more balanced world

Youmaker is a global destination where creators’ freedom of expression is honored. It does not censor for political reasons. Based in the US, Youmaker empowers all voices to be heard easily. It reveals a more balanced audiences worldwide.


A place that shows timeless trends

“Nostalgic stories often start badly, with some kind of problem, but then they tend to end well, thanks to help from someone close to you,” Dr. Sedikides says. “...and you become more generous toward others.”


Remembering the good moments

Nostalgia has a warming effect on our lives. It brings people closer together and is the ultimate fountain of Youth. Youmaker is looking for and featuring the best Nostalgia videos to inspire our audiences with more meaningful lives and brighter futures. Every great thing is nothing but a lot of little things.



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